Fort Lauderdale Buying Credit Repair

As we do with our loan services at the end of the day the goal is to get you a good mortgage that is going to fit perfectly into what you are looking for. The main difference is that in these cases we are going to have to repair your credit before we advise you to apply for a loan. Which, by the way, is also something that we are going to be able to help you with. We happen to know some of the best banks and financial institutions that will approve your loan.

    What Home Can You Buy?

    A lot of people want to know if it is a good idea for them to start shopping for a home before they know exactly if they are going to be able to get a loan or not. It is not a bad idea to have a certain home in mind and work towards being able to buy it. That being said, these are things that will go hand and hand. What we always tell people is that you probably don’t want to stretch the loan as far as it can go. Knowing what your true budget is could really help you determine what you want to buy.

    How Quickly Can You Repair My Credit?

    Obviously, if you happen to have a home in mind that you want to buy you are probably going to want to act quickly before it is taken off the market. For the most part, the work that we do is not going to have an immediate effect to the point where your credit score is going to become great overnight. So you probably want to factor that in when thinking about giving us a call. It is probably a better idea to give us a call at least a couple of months before you actually are looking to buy a home.

    Setting Goals & Markers Along The Way

    One of the things that we like to do is make sure that our clients can be proactive in the credit repair process. To be honest there is only so much that we are going to be able to do for you. A lot of the “work” is going to come down to you being able to control your spending habits. That is why we like to set up plans with different goals along the way so that you can actively participate in the process and literally see how what we are doing is working.

    Give Us A Call Early In The Process

    There are times where people who have been turned down when trying to buy a home come to us so that they won’t get turned down the second time around. We understand that train of thought. Yet, even if you have an ok credit score it will not hurt you to give us a call and find out what we are going to be able to do to help you with the process.